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SLEEP:  Too many students are coming to school tired and sleepiness leads to slipping grades.  The best predictors of school failure was children’s fatigue.


SPACE:  A quiet, uninterrupted area where the child can focus.  Providing a designated space for homework sends a clear message, to the children in the home, that the expectation in our home is that school is important.  

SUPPLIES:  Should stay in the homework space so when your children go to study, everything they need is easily within their reach. 

STRUCTURE:  Sets the expectation in your home that you are about education and providing opportunities for success.  Family dinners are a form of structure that’s a powerful predictor of high achievement and lowering a host of risky teenage behaviors that parents fear such as smoking, drinking, drug use, and sexual activity.

SUPERVISION: Parents are present and involved in school related activities.  Children with structure and supervision thrive. 

SUPPORT:  Support and love is essential to a child’s development. 


SLEEP: #SmartParentsDoThis focuses on the magnitude of sleep in a School Smart Home and provides the knowledge of how sleep is a determining factor in school success.


SPACE:  #SmartParentsDoThis emphasizes the significance of space in a School Smart Home and imparts the importance of a designated space for children to learn and grow.


SUPPLIES:  #SmartParentsDoThis highlights the value of supplies in a School Smart Home and provides ways of creating a homework caddy to hold supplies in an organized manner.

STRUCTURE:  #SmartParentsDoThis features the benefit of structure in a School Smart Home and supports structure through a family schedule and family dinner.

SUPERVISION:  #SmartParentsDoThis presents the importance of supervision in a School Smart Home and encourages parents to be present at home and involved in school related activities.

SUPPORT:  #SmartParentsDoThis spotlights the worth of support and fosters love and support in a School Smart Home.

#SmartParentsDoThis OUTCOMES

SLEEP:  Parents will learn the magnitude of sleep and will know the appropriate amounts of sleep hours for their child’s age.

SPACE:  Parents will understand that space is important but can look different depending on the child’s age. Younger children may like space at the kitchen table, while older children may like a desk in their room.

SUPPLIES:  Parents will assist their child with acquiring supplies and keeping it in a caddy or a different organized method that’s suitable for what their child likes.

STRUCTURE:  Parents will learn that structure is determined by them and that setting expectations are necessary.

SUPERVISION: Parents will recognize that supervision is imperative to their child’s success. Monitoring their child’s electronic activity through an Electronic Device Contract can be a helpful tool. 

SUPPORT:  Parents will discover there are over 100 ways to praise, love and support their child.







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